Conversations in Creative Cultures: Week 4 – Something I Didn’t know: Tauiwi

I decided to read Chapter 5 of Tauiwi, written by Ranginui Walker. This chapter discusses several different points over a timeline from when the Maori had been in occupation of New Zealand for at least 800 years, to when the Treaty of Waitangi came about in 1840. (Walker 78)

While i was reading this. I was unaware of everything that actually happened before the declaration of Independence and the Treaty of Waitangi were founded. I studied the Treaty of Waitangi in High school so have some prior knowledge.

What I didn’t know was that the Maori actually had occupation of New Zealand for at least 800 years before the first encounter of the European made by Abel Tasman in 1642. (Walker 78) I was also unaware of the fact that the Maori Tribes in the South Island gave him a very unfavorable impression and killed four of Abel Tasman’s men which caused him to leave the South Island and it wasn’t until whole Century actually passed before James Cook, another European, arrived in the country in 1769. James Cook reported seeing large Seal colonies and big stands of native timber. (Walker 78)
It was very interesting to read how the Maori willingly traded fish with James Cook. But never their prized possessions. James Cook also introduced the Pig and the Potato as delicacy’s. (Walker 79)

Another thing that interested me was how in 1814, Samuel Marsden arrived in the Bay of Islands to introduce Christianity to New Zealand and then the Musket Wars and the Peacemakers all before the Declaration of Independence and finally the Treaty of Waitangi (Walker 79) to attempt at solving all conflicts and issues between the European and the Maori.

Walker, R. Tauiwi (1990) Chapter 5.


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