Conversations in Creative Cultures: Week 1-2 – Part A. The Powhiri Process.

Powhiri Process:
1: Waera:
A Waera is a form of Karakia performed by Manuhiri before entering a strange Marae. A Waera is said to protect the performers from hard through spiritual powers. (Higgins and Moorfield 77)

2: Wero:
The Manuhiri move slowly onto the Marae and a warrior from the Tangatawhenua apprroaches the Manuhiri with an item (Taki). If accepted, The Manuhiri were deemed peaceful. (Higgins and Moorfield 78)

3: Karanga:
One the male leader of the Manuhiri picks up the Taki, the women of the Tangatawhenua will performs a karanga. The women of the Manuhiri will respond to the Karanga and this usually starts the process of the Powhiri. (Higgins and Moorfield 78)

4: Whaikorero:
There is a formal speech made by the Kaia that usually begins with a Whakaraaraa warning call before acknowledging the dead. This is also sometimes a chant. Once this is finished there is a Waita (song) a Koha of appreciation. (Higgins and Moorfield 80)

5: Hongi:
after the Whaikorero, The Manuhiri leader leads their group to shake hands and Hongi. A Hongi is a nose to nose touch with a handshake between 2 people, one from the Tangatawhenua and the other from the Manuhiri. (Higgins and Moorfield 81-82)

6: Kai:
Both the Tangatawhenua and the Manuhiri go inside the Marae for Kai (food) made by the Tangatawhenua. Tjis is a significant practice of Manaakitanga. The work Marae as an adjective means generosity. (Higgins and Moorfield 82)

7: Karakia and Mihimihi:
A bell is ring at the end of the men to indicate it is time for a Karakia and the Tangatawhenua leader speaks. Higgins and Moorfield 83)


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