Te Ao Hurihuri – Cyber Bullying Final post.

My topic was bullying. mainly cyber bullying and what it is and how it has affected some people. In a particular case of a teenager from Canada called Amanda Todd. I chose to research into her case because i heard about it back in 2012 when her story went viral. now her video on Youtube has over 12 million views and was a huge worldwide debate. Amanda Todd was bullied and cyber bullied since the age of 13. She was manipulated by someone who had an explicit photo of her which lead to her moving homes and schools three times and she was followed each time by this offender. She made this video of flash cards that explained her story. This is the video on Youtube with over 12 million hits. and only about a month later from her posting this video, Amanda Todd killed herself in her home at the age of 15 because of bullying and cyber bullying. I think there isn’t enough being done in the world to prevent bullying and cyber bullying. There also is not enough awareness of the issue and young teenagers are being exposed to social media at a age that is too young and parents are not doing enough to prevent this. The aim of my creative piece of work is to raise awareness of cyber bullying and the impact it can have on people. The words I used are words that bullies use to bully people. it is more common for bullies to hide behind the computer screen rather than physical face to face bullying. I used black white and red as my color scheme because red is a strong color that symbolizes horror and blood and pain. Black and white are neutral shades that make the red stand out more also. To me this is a powerful image and you can see that she is on her laptop and its like all these words are being said to her and its dark and a horrible thing to go through. Why do people feel the need to cyber bully? you don’t know what is going on in there home or in there life. bullying in teens leads to depression and even suicide. People like Amanda Todd are strong influences on today’s society of teens. Amanda Todd is just one example of cyber bullying going too far and ended a young persons life because if a few peoples dumb cyber bullying.teenagers don’t understand the impact of what words can actually do. “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me” is a false quote that kids use to try and be strong. but words hurt just as much if not more and that point couldn’t be made more clear.



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