Te Ao Hurihuri – Amanda Todd Cyber Bullying

Amanda Todd was 15 years old when she committed suicide at her home in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada on October 10, 2012. it was just a month before that, that she posted this video on Youtube on September 7, 2012. Amanda Todd was a victim of bullying in person and cyber bullying. This Video talks about how she struggled with bullying and cyber bullying. She moved schools 3 times and each time, this one guy that had an explicit photo of her kept coming back and ruining it for her. she didn’t have any friends or anyone to help her. she attempted at killing herself twice, the first time drinking bleach. This time she had people posting on her Facebook telling her that she didn’t drink enough and saying nasty things. the second time she overdosed and spent 2 days in hospital. she says at the end of the video that she has no one and she just wanted someone to care. I think the video sends a powerful message about cyber bullying and bullying. this video has over 12 million views and 131,000 comments negative and positive. Its not fair on teenagers to deal with this. While at school you shouldn’t be worried about what people think and about people bullying you and making you so depressed that you want to end your life. (Todd)
Todd, Amanda. My Story: Struggling, Bullying, Suicide, Self Harm. 2012. Web. 1 June 2017.


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