How the Visual world communicates with us.

Because of the way that technology has changed over time, The way we see the world is so different than it used to be. Nowadays we can find almost anything we want to see on the internet. Just the number of photographs taken per year alone has dramatically increased over the years from 1930 til now.  for example  Nicholas Mirzoeff states in his introduction that from as early as 1930,  there were an estimated one billion photos being taken every year worldwide. Fifty years later, it was estimated at 25 billion. By 2012 there was an estimated 380 billion photos taken a year. One trillion photos taken in 2014 and an estimated 3.4 trillion photographs taken in existence in 2011.  (Mirzoeff 6) This statement really shows how technology has changed over time. Back in the days where cellphones were only used for calling to now, where cellphones are basically everything we need in one. The way the visual world interacts with us now is different in ways that we can now see everything  on the internet yet the quality of the images on the internet is not necessarily the best therefore galleries still exist so people who still want to enjoy proper art in the form of galleries still can. This is why I found the Cindy Sherman exhibition so interesting. I had never thought of going to a gallery as ii see everything I want to on the internet. but seeing this artwork up close and not on a screen was amazing to see and eye-opening to see real art. online images do not do the real images justice at all.

Cindy Sherman.jpegCindy Sherman – Untitled #462 2007–8

The way we look at art is also defined by how long we look at it. How long should we look at art for to get it? Isaac Kaplan states that we’re not looking at works of art for long enough. studies have determined that the average time a person spends gandering at a piece in a museum is between 15 seconds and 30 seconds (Kaplan’s blog) to me it seems like a gallery you can just go walk around and see everything in a very short amount of time. but to some people they can look at a painting or photograph for ages. the amount of time we look at images varies between people because of a matter of opinion.
Although the time taken for each person to analyze art. some people can analyze quickly and others, a bit longer.  Michael Clarke states that “We are often made aware of significant aspects of an artifact, either unnoticed or unknown to us, is through analysis.” (Clarke 25) this makes us aware of the time we spend looking at an image as we could be missing the whole meaning by spending a too short amount of time looking. in my opinion, The way we view art is different to everyone, each to their own. at least that’s the main message i get.

Clarke, Michael. “Language and Meaning” Verbalizing the visual: Translating art and design into words. Lausanne, Switzerland: AVA publishing, 2007. 20-27

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Sherman, Cindy. Untitled #462 2007–8, collection.






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