Cindy Sherman, City Gallery – Linking to your Discipline

The first image of the type on the wall describing the “Balenciaga” exhibition was interesting to me because of the type class that I’m taking. In this class we have lately been focusing on kerning and letter spacing. Before I had started taking this class i would have not taken as much notice of this. but the letter spaces and font used was very well-chosen and places on the wall with a non centered block of text.  The next image is an image from another exhibition. This sparked my interest because I know there is use of manipulation sed to make this photograph because Cindy takes her own photos of herself and there are four different profiles of Cindy in this one photo also with a background of like a black grunge. The only thing I think is weird about this image but could also be clever is the way that 2 of the profiles are wearing the same top. I enjoy manipulation of photos so this was good to see.


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